Bakersfield Realtor Types: Who’s The Best Match for You?

Most Bakersfield Realtors are human so they have disparate working styles and personality traits. This article details various Realtor types, which may help you identify your ideal match.  

Of course, people are too complex to possess only a single style or trait, but we all have prominent attributes. Some of these may even remind you of someone you know.

Also, homebuyers and sellers don’t necessarily search for Realtors with a particular personality in mind. They just want a friendly Realtor who will do the job well. You may get a referral or search online reviews for a good fit, then a quick conversation gets the ball rolling.

Either way, this could be a fun exercise in learning the Realtor types to seek or avoid. Enjoy!

15 Different Bakersfield Realtor Types

Check out these different types of Realtor attributes.

1. Luxury Luke & Laura

These Realtors specialize in high-end homes, which can present unique challenges compared to the average home sale. The luxury market is their milieu, so they are comfortable hobnobbing with a wealthy clientele who usually expect the finer things, including exclusive customer service.

🏡 They are well-versed in the Bakersfield luxury home market but might look askance at your Ford Fiesta.

2. Part-Timers Tiffany & Tom

For these Realtors, real estate is a side hustle from a typical 9 to 5 job, a part-time job, or raising kids. These agents are quite capable if they can manage the work-life or work-work balance. Friends and relatives usually comprise the bulk of their business.

🏡 They can be dedicated but may not be flexible enough to accommodate your schedule. 

3. Loquacious Lily & Larry

These Realtors love to talk – or hate to stop talking. They are very personable and easy to get along with. They can be a fountain of information about real estate – and themselves. 

🏡 Unfortunately, people who talk a lot may not listen much, so they might not retain everything you say. 

4. Techies Tori & Tony

These Realtors are often millennials who love using mobile apps, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to market themselves and help clients buy and sell homes. Note that in today’s market, most Realtors are adept at leveraging the latest technology, or they hire others to help. It’s almost a requirement to remain competitive. 

🏡 Some techies might spend more time on technology than focusing on contracts, inspections, and showing homes – but their online marketing skills should be top-notch.

5. Structured Stan & Stacey

These meticulous Realtors crave detail and organization. They may not be the creative or sensitive type, but they are loyal and trustworthy. And although they may engage in much small talk, things will rarely slip through the cracks. 

🏡 Who can complain when a diligent Realtor is watching your back?

6. Multi-Tasking Tatum & Tyler

These energetic Realtors juggle every task, which is peachy when they have the skills. However, real estate transactions are difficult to handle from start to finish without some help. Fortunately, most brokerages have transaction coordinators to ease the back-office burden. 

🏡 These agents can be valuable if they can properly delegate some tasks. 

7. Newbie Nick & Natalie

These Realtors are newcomers, usually seeking fortune or flexibility in their work lives. Most of these agents are eager, enthusiastic, and have the potential to become real estate stars.

🏡 They will work hard out of appreciation, but there’s a steep learning curve without previous real estate experience. Fortunately, new Realtors are usually mentored by experienced ones.

8. High-Volume Victor & Valerie

These hard-charging Realtors close a deal every few days. That’s super but customer service typically declines as Realtors handle an ever-increasing number of transactions. To maintain a high volume, these Realtors rarely work directly with each client, so you should ask who will be your point of contact.

🏡 They are likely experienced and systematized, but you may not receive much personal attention.

9. Seasoned Sam & Stella

These veteran Realtors have been pounding the pavement since purchase contracts were only two pages…on paper!  They have in-depth knowledge of the city, neighborhoods, people, and individual houses. Having “seen it all,” a historical perspective can be a great asset. 

🏡 A seasoned Realtor may not be a tech whiz, but there’s no substitute for experience – and they have it in spades.

10. Schmoozing Seth & Sarah 

These extroverted Realtors are always on and have an answer for everything. They can deftly handle objections to move a deal forward. They know what to emphasize and what to downplay. This approach isn’t always optimal in real estate where total transparency is paramount, but all is good if clients are happy.

🏡 These agents are skilled closers, even though closing the deal might take priority over a client’s needs.

11. Creative Crissy & Craig

These Realtors add something extra to marketing a home. They are passionate about design and have a keen eye for staging and showcasing a property. They think outside the box to help sellers attract more buyers, including through creative social media.

🏡 They bring an innovative approach to selling homes but may prioritize style over the substance required in the transaction process.

12. Team Players Paige & Perry

These Realtors are members of a team that elevate each other’s value through shared knowledge, experiences, and insights – typically with broker oversight. Many teams have agents who specialize in representing either buyers or sellers. However, even buyer specialists seek home listings.

🏡 These Realtors may possess some of the traits listed above, but they also have the support of a team. 

13. Nightmare Nate & Nora

The reputation of these odious Realtors precedes them – like a skunk. They may adequately represent their clients but other Realtors loathe working with them. Small issues are overblown and problems often become insurmountable without a crucible.  

🏡 Fortunately, Realtors on the other end of difficult transactions need only do what their clients wish. Cancellation is always an option when an amicable agreement isn’t possible. Ah, sweet relief!

14. Chipper Charles & Chelsea

On the bright side, these Realtors have an optimistic outlook and find the silver lining in most situations. Their positive energy can be contagious and helpful in many situations, but too much of anything might cause one’s eyes to roll. 

🏡 They are great to work with unless you prefer someone more laid back. 

15. The Perfect Realtor

Some have claimed that Jesus Christ wasn’t just a carpenter and the Messiah. Although it can’t be verified, He apparently sold a few homes on the side to keep his disciples on the road to humanity’s salvation. Given his temperament and faith to move mountains, the Redeemer would have been the perfect Realtor. It was widely known that He could save any deal – or soul. He wasn’t loved by everyone in his time, but his clients worshiped him.

Dishonorable Mention 

This unscrupulous Realtor uses crafty, shady, and dodgy tactics to benefit themselves at the expense of their clients. Click here to learn more about those shifty shenanigans.

You’re Just My Type…of Bakersfield Realtor

Selling or buying a home can be stressful, which is compounded if you choose the wrong Realtor. While it’s important to recognize different types of Realtors in your quest for a great match, it’s also important to consider other criteria based on experience and testimonials. 

Click here for tips on finding the best Bakersfield Realtor for you.  

Most home sellers and buyers use the first Realtor they meet, which is because most Realtors are likable. People who gravitate toward real estate sales generally have pleasant personalities and the ability communicate effectively. Those who lack those basic skills don’t get hired very often and ultimately quit the business.

Additionally, most people would rather not spend time interviewing multiple Realtors if the first one seems like he or she can handle the job well. Luckily, you’re in the right place! 

Property Wonk can connect you with the right type of Bakersfield Realtor® so you can focus on everything else in your busy life.